Wayfinding for Fracture Clinic visitors

Client: The Auckland District Health Board | July  - October 2016

Work completed: UX and UI Design, Design Thinking, Design and User Research, Web Design and Development

Background: There is variation of volume and complexity of cases, of patients and families presenting to the Fracture Clinics at the Starship Children’s Hospital. The Auckland District Health Board (ADHB) has identified problems with wayfinding at the Fracture Clinics as one of the cases. There are no clear signs at the Outpatients Department that guide visitors down to Children’s X-Ray during their Fracture Clinic appointments, resulting in a less than optimal visitor experience and increased stress levels.


In collaboration with the Auckland District Health Board, I created an interactive single page website to help visitors find their way from the Outpatients Department to the Children’s X-Ray Department during their Fracture Clinic appointments. This project explored how wayfinding could be improved without adding or changing anything to the physical space of the hospital.

Solution (online wayfinding guide) | Documentation (process)