Info Animation for International Students

Client: The Technical University of Cologne | Cologne, Germany | September - November 2015

Team members and Roles: Animation and Graphic Design - Vivian Wu (myself), Linus van Doren, Emma Zazio, Zuzana Peskova | Graphic Design - May Arryan Bachtiar, Mirja Hopiavuori | Research - Patrick Zebulon Griffin, Hyunji Lee | Storyboarding/Script - Holly Martin Bates, Yasmin Anilgan, Anne Caspar

This is an Info Animation created for TH Köln (The Technical University of Cologne). This animation informs incoming international students of TH Köln the first steps they should take when they move to Cologne, how they can adapt to the new environment and reassure them that there is nothing to be worried about.

Click on the video above to play the animation.


My Icon Designs for the Animation 

Still Frames