University Project | AUT | May - June 2016

Work Completed: UX and UI Design, Branding, Icon Design, User Research

Team members: Nick Peek, Yuan Zhang and Vivian Wu (myself)

My role/contribution: UI Design (overall creative direction), User-research, One-on-one interviews, Information Architecture, Persona Development, User journeys, Video-making for demonstrations. 

All members participated in Branding, Concept Ideation, Secondary Research, Icon Design, UI Design, Interaction Flow, Surveying, Prototyping and User-testing.

Food culture is a huge part of living in Auckland City. With this comes the issue of finding and choosing places to eat day-in and day-out. Navnom is an on-the-go wayfinding food app aimed to resolve these problems through the platform of wearables - in particular, the Apple Watch.

The app leads users through a series of menus where they can define their food preferences, dietary requirements, travel time and provided facilities. The app then searches for restaurants, fast-food chains and cafes based on these parameters, then displaying a selection of food locations for the user to choose from and directs users to these locations through the integrated GPS. Although wearables are not widespread enough to warrant a large market for an app like this, Navnom is designed to cater to a future where wearables are more obtainable for the general public.

Click on the video for the walkthrough of Navnom.

This video on the left is a demonstration of how the GPS navigation feature of Navnom works and The video on the right demonstrates the hidden quirk of Navnom. When the user presses down on an icon from the food selection menu (using force touch), statements relating to the icons they select pop up. The statement, while quite snarky, varies depending on your food selection history - effectively creating a log of what you have eaten with a touch of judgement and wit.

The Process: Highlights

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User-Research: Surveys and one-to-one interviews were conducted for research. We discovered that travel time is a major factor for people when it comes to deciding where and what to eat, more so than the distance, as people often have a limited amount of time to get something to eat. As quoted by one of our interview participants, “Rather than saying it’s like two kilometres away, I don’t know how long it’s gonna take me to walk two kilometres.” Through our survey data we discovered that many people have clear preferences for food and drink, which is why the selection menus are such an important part of Navnom.

Colour Selection Process: We did a blind colour test through Colour Oracle and we found that orange and red works the best in all 3 colour blind conditions. We decided between the 2 warm colours as shown above and ended up going with the orange shade for our final UI colour, not only because it feels more friendly and welcoming but also because there’s more contrast between the orange and the white text, making the white text more readable. 

Link to full documentation of the project process and findings

Original Colours used for testing (far left image)

Original Colours used for testing (far left image)